Expanding Knowledge

What intrigues me most about leather, is its ability to transform and change. Working on a flat piece of animal skin, to seeing it slowly become something that you can actually use.

So just recently, I have signed myself up for a series of shoe making courses at TaF.tcThough the class size isn’t big (6 pax), I really enjoy learning something different. Especially on how to work on chrome tan leather.

Weekend ranger leather craft singapore shoe making women sandals
shot of the classroom. I like the set up
Weekend ranger made in Singapore leathercraft handmade
stitching for the first time with a machine. all these while, everything has been hand stitched.
paper test stitch sewing industrial leather singapore leather craft hand made weekend ranger
practising stictching on paper. damn difficult, especially when trying to go in a circle.

Can’t wait to be able to finish constructing. But damn, it’s a women’s sandals anyway. Doubt I’d be able to fit.

weekend ranger last women sandals chrome tan leather hand made singapore clicking stitching


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